Cricket first BIS 09-23-12

Owned by Don Kisan Lu, Christine Charmaine Afdal and Sherdan Te of Davao, Philippines.
Expertly Handled by Vernon Philip Araneta

6/23/12 67th & 68th CCSMI All Breed Show
WD 3 points Judge Simon L. Sim (Philippines)
RWD Judge Dr. Raymundo W. Lo (Philippines)

6/24/12 69th & 70th CCSMI All Breed Show
RWD Judge Mario P. Magsaysay (Philippines)
RWD Judge Alex Zee (Taiwan)

8/19/12 49th FCI show
RUBIS from the classes 5 points Judge Dr. Tamas Jakkel (Hungary)
50th FCI show
RWD Judge Csaba Zsolt Lokodi (Romania)

9/9/12 1st & 2nd SHBEAPI All Breed Show
WD 5 points Judge Carmen Haller (Canada)
RWD Judge Keven Harris (Philippines)

9/16/12 29th & 30th PDCP All Breed Show
BOB/GP2 from the classes Judge John Rowles (Australia)
BOB/GP2 from the classes Judge Dave Strachan (Australia) NEW CHAMPION!! )Ring 2 completed before ring 1 - done simultaneously)

9/22/12 71st & 72nd CCSMI All Breed Show
BOB, GP1, RUBIS Judge Maribel Sy (Philippines)
BOB, GP2 Judge Keven Harris (Philippines)

9/23/12 73rd and 74th CCSMI All Breed Show
BOB, GP1, BIS!! Judge Robert Dawson (Philippines)
RUBOB MatGo Law (Hong Kong)

10/4/12 145th & 146th IKCI All Breed Show
RUBOB Judge Tsai Chin Fa (Taiwan)

10/5/12 147th & 148th IKCI All Breed Show
RUBOB Judge Simon Sim
NONE Judge Godofredo Salud

10/6/12 149th & 150th IKCI All Breed Show
BOB/GP1 Judge Maribel Sy (Philippines)
NONE Judge Sandra McMahon (Australia)

12/2/12 112TH & 113th CCCI All-Breed Show
RUBOB/GP2 Judge Stanley Shen (Singapore)
BOB/GP3 Judge Godofredo Salud